The films that crystallized the late Queen Elizabeth II

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News of the death of Queen Elizabeth II is often heard every year and it has always been a hoax, except in 2022.

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving heir to the British throne, died Thursday at the age of 96. "After 4 film streaming italiano" Buckingham Palace announced that he died at Balmoral Castle, his summer residence in Scotland.

Having a long life and great influence in one of the most influential countries with a fairly old and classic culture, she is more than just a queen. Queen Elizabeth II became a legend, even in popular culture such as movies.

There are so many films that depict the figure of Queen Elizabeth II in different ways and perspectives. Humans don't last forever, but movies will forever. This time, let's take a look at how these films crystallize the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Movie recommendations to get to know Queen Elizabeth II up close


The Queen, the human Elizabeth II

The Queen takes place when Princess Diana died in 1997. At that time, Princess Diana had divorced Prince Charles and everyone knew that it was because of a third person. The death of Princess Diana gave deep sadness, as well as growing anger towards the British monarchy. Barbarian film in streaming ita The United Kingdom is considered as the antagonist who made Diana suffer. The people also asked the government not to stand still.

Played very nicely by Helen Mirren, this film shows the firm and uncertain side of Queen Elizabeth II in dealing with the tragedy. On the one hand, Diana was no longer part of the kingdom. However, on the other hand, he was suppressed by the people. Not to mention the added differences of opinion with Tony Blair, Prime Minister at the time.

This film, which focuses on public relations and communication, shows how Queen Elizabeth II is not just a symbol. Fall film in streaming ita She is also a woman who is able to think carefully, communicate, and make decisions in stressful times.


The Crown, show various other sides of Elizabeth II who was complete from a young age

If The Queen displays the figure of Queen Elizabeth II as millennials know, then The Crown displays more than that. In the first and second seasons, Queen Elizabeth II was still very young, even full of romance with her late husband, Prince Phillip.

The Crown, which is a Netflix Original Doctor Strange 2 streaming italiano, is so interesting because it displays the life journey of the Queen of England in chronological order and focuses on interesting times. The Crown invites us to explore the life of Queen Elizabeth II in depth, including the joys and sorrows of holding the throne as a woman.

Through this series that was released in 2016, we can understand her more than just a long-lived queen. We understand that Elizabeth II was also a human with many dimensions of feeling. We are also invited to explore royal life which is full of rules, culture, and politics. Not a completely pleasant life.


Minions, patient and cheerful queen

Minions is a cartoon that is quite bold because it makes the kingdom as the main theme of the story as well as featuring Queen Elizabeth II in a fun comical style. One bit, this film can be an insult to the kingdom and of course the queen herself.

The portion of Queen Elizabeth II's story in this film Top Gun 2 Maverick streaming italiano is not much, but it is important. It is the queen's crown that Scarlett Overkill intends to steal and force Kevin, Stuart, and Bob to embark on an adventure that will change their lives.

Queen Elizabeth II appears at the end when giving awards and honors to the three minions. He is seen as a person who is patient with minions who lack manners, even breaking the guitar on stage.

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