Marvel Superheroes His Presence Causes Controversy

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Marvel has presented many iconic superhero characters from time to time, both in comics and movies. The existence of these Marvel superheroes has generally received a positive response from their fans. In fact, not infrequently there are people who idolize Marvel superheroes.

However, there are also some Marvel superheroes whose presence actually caused controversy. This criticism did not only come from among fans, but also from the world community at large. The factors that cause this controversy are generally related to the backgrounds of the characters.

Well, the following will discuss a row of Marvel superheroes whose appearance has drawn criticism. Come on, see!

Controversial Marvel Superheroes

1. Ancient One

Marvel changed the race and gender of the Ancient One who appeared in the film Doctor Strange (2016) After 4 cely film cz dabing. In the comic version, the Ancient One is an old man with an Asian race, specifically a person from Tibet. Then, in the film, the character turns into a white race or Caucasian and also changes gender to a woman by involving Tilda Swinton as the actor.

The production team actually had a reason for the Ancient One's race change in the MCU. Because, there are regulations in China that prohibit films or other cinema products from showing characters from Tibet due to political problems there. Well, considering that China is one of the countries that is a big source of income for Marvel films, they finally changed the race from the Ancient One so that it could be shown in China.

Regardless of these reasons, a number of fans continue to criticize the Ancient One's race change in the Doctor Strange film. Because, they think Marvel has done whitewashing, a phenomenon when a number of Hollywood films change characters with certain races into white people.

2. Phastos

The film Eternals, Vyšehrad film online cz which was released in 2021, introduced us to many Marvel superheroes. One of these characters is Phastos who is the smartest member of the Eternals group. Even so, the presence of Phastos actually caused controversy and got his film banned in several countries.

This happened because of Phastos' background who had a gay or same-sex sexual orientation. In the film, we will be able to see the life of the Phastos family with his partner who is also a man. Not only that, we can even see the same-sex kissing moment between Phastos and her husband.

As a result of the scene involving Phastos, Eternals was finally not allowed to air at all in several Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. The ban came because Disney refused to edit the scene involving Phastos and his partner.

3. Captain America

The controversy related to Captain America does not occur in the film, but in the comic version. This criticism emerged after the Secret Empire comic was released in 2017. In the comic, it is revealed that Steve Rogers aka Captain America has been a secret agent belonging to Hydra, an organization that has been his enemy.

The change in Captain America's background actually became a plot twist that was quite surprising. However, Captain America's change to become a Hydra agent is also enough to cause criticism among his fans.

Because, many think the plot twist is too pushy because it seems impossible for a character like Captain America to be an agent of Hydra. However, in later comics volumes, it was revealed that the Captain Hydra was a clone, not the real Steve Rogers.

4. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch is now one of the favorite characters in the MCU Jan Žižka Film online cz. However, Scarlet Witch actually caused controversy when she first appeared in the MCU through the film Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Actually, this controversy among fans is not only experienced by Scarlet Witch, but also Quicksilver who also debuted in the MCU in that film.

This problem arose due to the change in the background of Scarlet Witch which did not match the comic version. As we know, in the comic version, Scarlet Witch has super powers because she is part of the mutant group. However, in the film he gains strength by being a guinea pig of the Hydra organization.

The reason for the change in the background occurred because when Age of Ultron was released, the rights of the Scarlet Witch character and other mutants still belonged to Fox. In fact, at the beginning of her appearance, she did not use the title Scarlet Witch, but only her real name, namely Wanda Maximoff. However, after Disney acquired Fox, the background of Scarlet Witch in the MCU has now begun to change.

5. Sabra

At the D23 Expo which will take place in 2022, Marvel Studios will provide updates regarding a number of their upcoming projects. One of them is the film Captain America: New World Order which became Sam Wilson's first solo film. Kevin Feige confirmed that Captain America 4 will feature the first Israeli superhero in the MCU, namely Ruth Bat-Seraph aka Sabra.

The announcement regarding the presence of Sabra in Captain America 4 immediately sparked controversy on social media because Marvel's actions seemed very political. Because, as we know, Israel is still at war with Palestine. Some even consider it unethical to display characters from countries in conflict, especially as superheroes.

Sabra's involvement in Captain America 4 also has the potential to get the film banned in several countries when it is released in 2024. The reason is, the film Wonder Woman (2017) was banned in a number of Middle Eastern countries because it featured an Israeli actress as the main character, namely Gal Gadot.

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