Schools are finally changing their policy on CBD oil

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A Virginia school has implemented a new policy that affects how school nurses can administer cannabidiol to students.

Fairfax County School has now brought its new guidelines up to date with the Virginia law passed in July, preventing school nurses from being prosecuted for possessing or distributing CBD oil or THC-A oil to students.

All students must have a valid doctor’s certification to receive the oil during school time The law required school boards to adopt a policy. Under the new Fairfax guidelines, students can be given  CBD oil or THC-A oil with a medication authorization form signed by a licensed medical or osteopathic practitioner.

The school won’t supply or charge for the oil - parents must supply their own alongside the authorization form directly to Fairfax. The oil will be available from five pharmaceutical processors approved by Virginia’s Pharmacy Board, who will have all received a license to produce and supply it by the end of 2019.

The new law also protects patients with a written doctor's certification for CBD and THC from prosecution. The Board has expects oil to be ready for sale in the spring or summer of 2020 at the earliest, as growing could take up to six months.

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular across states in the USA thanks to the Farm Bill passed in 2018. As explained by CBD Kyro, CBD oil is completely legal providing it contains less than 0.3% THC, the substance found in the cannabis plant that gets the user high. 

CBD oil is made from hemp, which is derived from the cannabis indica. Often extracted as industrial hemp, CBD is then turned into a variety of products including edibles, vapes, and oil.

CBD oil originally gained popularity for its ability to help treat epilepsy and seizures, although it is now known to help with a wide range of health issues. 

Daily CBD Mag talks of the origins of CBD oil, which go back to a girl named Charlotte who suffered from an extreme form of epilepsy, going through around 300 seizures a week with no treatment in sight. 

After working with doctors to introduce CBD to Charlotte, her seizures decreased from 300 a week to two to three each month. The story was one of the most significant in the journey of CBD products to the mass market. 

It has low levels of THC, but high levels of CBD making it perfect for a range of therapeutic uses,  including use for students.

Studies have been floating around for a long time now boasting the benefits of CBD in those who have to work long hours, cope with the stress of living alone for the first time or battling social anxiety. It is suggested that students of any age can benefit from the effects of CBD.

Social anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect 25.1% of students aged 13 to 18. Not only is the number growing, but it affects young people in more ways than meet the eye. Students struggle to get out, meet new people, and even get to classes because of the crippling effects of mental health disorders.

CBD can help to relieve feelings of nervousness and anxiety in social situations which promotes a clearer state of thinking and longer, deeper, periods of sleep. With CBD, students of any age could feel better during exams leading to higher grades and a better social life. 

Feeling calmer could also help students to revise for longer periods and allow for focused and effective study time. 


All students are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle - which includes a good amount of physical activity per week. The problem is that being in the physical prime of your life can also bring along sports injuries, including muscle and joint pain.

CBD is great for pain relief thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. A study published by the European Journal of Pain treated rats with arthritis with CBD gel over a period of four days. 

During the period, researchers saw a significant drop in inflammation and pain. Students struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle or trying to continue a sport while nursing an injury could massively benefit from the effects of CBD.


Students with autism struggle with learning on a daily basis. Pupils kept in mainstream schooling can find unstructured periods such as lunch and breaks difficult, and they may take longer to process information or communicate ideas.

CBD helps to reduce behavioural outbreaks, anxiety, and stress in these students. A feasibility study on 60 children with ASD saw improvements in all three areas aforementioned when CBD was administered.

Anxiety and communication problems were much or very much improved in 39% and 47% of the group respectively, while disruptive behaviors were improved in 29%. 

Based on the promising results, the researchers have now launched a large, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trial with 120 participants. It can also help with ADHD in a similar way, according to Healthcare Weekly.


Most teenagers struggle with acne at some point and, while some see it as a slight aesthetic drawback, for others it can cause severe anxiety and a dip in confidence.

While it can be caused by a whole variety of factors including genetics, bacteria, underlying inflammation and the overproduction of sebum, CBD can help to relieve inflamed skin and reduce excess oil on the face. 

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, those taking CBD for acne often see improvements in their skin over time which helps to boost confidence and increase social skills. That’s because it prevents cytokines, proteins in the skin, from activating which promotes healthier skin even during breakouts.

CBD is also an antioxidant, which helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevent aging, all without a long skincare routine or expensive products.

How to take CBD

For those who want to take CBD on a regular basis, CBD vapes are suggested as they can be used continuously throughout the day. CBD gummies and capsules are beneficial to take before bed, while CBD pain freeze, a new product to hit the market, is great for sports injuries. 

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