What is a discursive essay and its types

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             Students cannot avoid writing essays as teachers assign a number of essay writing assignments to their students. Almost all educational institutes depend upon essay writing in order to analyze whether a student has a strong or weak command on a particular subject or topic. Essay writing may seem to be a burdensome task while for others writing an essay is as simple as ABC. Those students who struggle while writing often ask a professional writer to write my essay which should be handy and unique.

             There’re different types of an essay among which a discursive essay is one of the most important types. Essay writing is about expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions in a convincing way to the readers. An essay elaborates on the entire topic commencing from introduction and ending on conclusion. The main body lies between the introduction and conclusion in which a writer explains the assigned topic by raising arguments and examples. Well, what if you’ve been asked to write a discursive essay and you don’t have any idea how to even start it. Worry not. We’re here to tell you about writing a discursive essay in a significant way.



 A discursive essay could be about anything. A writer has to write a meaningful essay in an impressive way in order to allure readers and urge them to read a full article. It is an essay in which a writer has the option to write in favor of or against the assigned statement. However, he has to prove his stance with the help of arguments and examples. The robust argument should be mentioned in the introductory paragraph which must be thought-provoking for the reader so that he keeps on reading the full essay to have a better understanding of the argument. Well, it is also noteworthy that Discursive essay has further three types which are as follows:

1)      Opinion Essay

2)      In favor or against

3)      Problem-solving

All the above-mentioned types have their own importance in academic essay writing. They encourage students to develop reading habits and thinking critically about the topic. Let’s have a deeper look into their meanings.

1)      Opinion Essay:

It is a kind of discursive essay in which a writer has to not only give his personal opinion about the topic but also support it with various arguments which must be valid, vivid, and strong. His top priority must be to persuade the readers through his writings and this task can be achieved only with the help of appealing examples along with the arguments to his readers. Moreover, raising counter arguments to negate the other’s opinion which you think is weak and not up to the mark.   

2)      In favor or against:

It is a foremost and tricky kind of discursive essay. A neophyte writer has write my paper to understand its worth before he commences to write this kind of essay. It is about mentioning both aspects of a subject that is for and against. Furthermore, in the conclusion section, a writer has to take a clear and strong position which may be in favor of or against the topic.

3)      Problem Solving:

In this kind of essay, a writer has to understand the topic completely. It requires profound research work of a writer so that he may be able to identify the problem exactly and then provide its several solutions. Moreover, it is the utmost responsibility of a writer to assist his readers with the best problem-solving opinion.

Writing a discursive essay is not a difficult or confusing task at all. All it requires from a student is to focus and critically analyze the topic.  


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