Who Will Win F1 2021?

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F1 is being held on 28 March 2021, so it is difficult to say who will win this year, but here we will mention some strong candidates.

1. Red Bull Will Win the Constructors' Championship:

I'm getting bold from afar. Red Bull has won the Constructors' Championship and provided a real challenge to the iconic Silverware, a statistical agency that far falls short of the expectations of owner Dietrich Metzchitsch. This year, though, things will be different because the Red Bulls will benefit from stable rules. Since winning his title in 2013, he has started with a new car on the back foot that he is struggling to understand Formule 1 News: This season, there will be no blank sheets of paper containing more than 60% of Red Bull's vehicles.

They won the 2020 final in Abu Dhabi, the former Mercedes Fortress, ready for a strong start next year. He had the best growth rate in the season, and with a solid understanding of the direction of the RB16B and his base, he could only do so.

The Red Bull is expected to be a fork in the Mercedes-Benz for the first time, with Max Verstappen in charge and his new experienced teammate Sergio Perez giving him a relentless consistency in the other car. With the lineup, they have robust rules that work in their favor, and after the strong end of 2020, there can be no other excuse.

2. Renault now Alpine will break into the top three:

Renault, ranked fifth in the builders' championship, has made great strides since becoming a working operation in 2016, with the French industrialist scoring three podiums during the five years. Under their new guise, the Alpine-based squad, based on Anston - the best resource for midfield teams - will continue its momentum in 2021.

Two-time champion Fernando Alonso will make him feel heavyweight, and while it may take some time for him to get back on track, his tremendous experience and impressive impressions will be crucial.

3. McLaren Will Win a Race:

Carlos Sons came close to his first victory at Monza, the first victory for McLaren since the Brazilian GP finished in the 2012 season, as the British team raised hopes of becoming a force again. Third, in the Builders' Championship, beating the better-resourced squads Renault and Racing Point - which will become Alpine and Aston Martin - respectively, this year, was a thrilling achievement, as they seized their opportunities and reached higher levels.

They are moving forward with this year's pace, a new injection of significant investment, and a new unit supplier of electricity, the current power class leader in Mercedes.

After Daniel Ricardo got on the plane, along with the Lando Norris, who arrived last year and a challenger that his technical chief James Kay says is "equivalent to a new car." I predict that McLean will finish them off, waiting for his 183rd Grand Prix victory.

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